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Boosting self-confidence and motivation

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Boosting our self-confidence

boosting self-confidence

Sometimes we lose our self-confidence from negative feedback from others but we can improve it with consistent effort and practice. Here are some tips that may help:

  • Surround yourself with positive people:

Spend time with people who encourage and support you. Surrounding yourself with positive people who have positive thoughts to help boost your confidence and motivation.

  • Take care of yourself:

 Make sure you are getting enough sleep, exercise, and eating well. Take care of your physical health can have a positive impact on your mental health and it reflects on you.

  • Focus on your advantages:

 mention your advantages to yourself, can help you to know that you are a good person.

  • Keep away from negative people:

 to boost your self-confidence and motivation you should to keep away from negative people because of their negative thoughts that badly affect you.

  • Be proud of your successes:

 when you achieve a goal, if it is small or big, be proud of achieving it and show it to others and boost your confidence.

How to make yourself think positively

  • Expect positive things:

 if you will start in new plan or work or anything, you should to always expect positive and beautiful things will happen to you.

  • Don’t hear to negative words:

 if you need to boost your self-confidence, you shouldn’t to hear to negative words and focus only on positive words that motivate you.

  • Make yourself supported:

 Reach out to friends, family members, or a therapist for support. Talking about your feelings and experiences with someone you trust and can help you process your emotions and feel more confident.

  • Face the challenges and don’t avoid them:

 When challenges and problems are avoided, self-confidence will be affected, so it’s important to face these problems and solve them.

  • learn to say no:

Don’t say “yes” to anyone in case you don’t want to say it, and always make a serious decision and be treated with transparency and clarity.

How to strength motivation

Motivation is the process that to charge ourselves with positive feelings and feelings that drive human beings to achieve their goals and objectives in the shortest time and may be either internally derived from personal self-inflicted ideas resulting from a sense of responsibility, or externally from surrounding people such as parents and friends. In this article, we will mention a series of simple ways in which self-development and motivation can take place.

  • Stay away from fear and think negatively:

 as these feelings prevent human beings from working and trying to change, because they tire the spirit and kill the ability to do anything, and so humans can’t see the choices that are available to them.

  • Publishing the goals to others:

Publishing the goals to be achieved in front of others would put a lot of pressure on the person, make him fully committed to the action plan, and social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat could be used to publish the goals.

  • Rewarding yourself:

Rewarding yourself when the goal is achieved, or overcoming a difficult obstacle, like going on a trip or a picnic with friends or watching a nice movie.

  • Reading about the goal to be achieved:

 hearing the success stories of others, whether parents, friends or celebrities, to take benefit of the advantages, and learning from the disadvantages of not falling into it, because it will facilitate the process of achieving the goal.

  • Focus on specific goal:

 to be able to achieving it and this will motivate you to make it very well and start in another goal.

  • Desire:

 if you have a desire to reach and achieve the goals set, there is a big chance of success.

practice yourself to learn motivation

  • Set your priorities:

 Don’t hesitate when you get the idea of joining the gym for practice, going to a social event or anything, it’ll get you used to achieving your goals, which will increase your motivation.

  • Always encourage yourself:

use the words that give hope instead of thinking the situation won’t go well, tell yourself that even though it’s difficult, you can do it.

  • Don’t forget your previous experiences:

 If you’ve already bad and negative experience, think about the changes you can make next time to get a better and positive outcome.

  • Remember the skills you use every time to deal with your challenges and problems.
  • The ability to deal with problems and obstructions and to continue behind targets despite problems.
  • Stay away from delaying your plans and goals, and develop your skills in managing time.
  • Ask for help when you need it, and don’t hesitate to help others either.

Is self-motivation a skill you can learn it?


the answer is “yes” you can definitely develop your ability to motivate yourself as our self-motivation is only the result of a set of real skills which you can develop by training and practicing continuously.

We can train by some steps:

  1. -Spend your time with motivated people who support you.
  2. -Find a thing that interests you and fits into your passion. And this advice is the most important. It’s very easy to stay motivated when you do thing you love.
  3. – You’ll continue to learn and acquire new knowledge.
  4. – take a break from everything to come back stronger than before and to be more motivated to achieve new goal.
  5. Ask for help when you need it, and don’t hesitate to help others either.


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