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The Power of Morning Routines: 7 Ways to Start Your Day Right!

Having good morning routine 

Each of us has a different morning and a daily routine that is distinct from the other. Some love the summer morning routine with all its details, subtleties and breezes, and some are attracted by a winter morning fragrant with the smell of rain and dirt and warm as a cup of coffee in the morning. Their morning is as the world is clothed with spring, flowers and buds whose fragrance fills the surroundings, and few have no connection to the morning with any meaning, as they prefer night and evening, and they start their day with tension, laziness and lethargy without activity and vitality and without enjoying the gifts of the beautiful nature, so the question for many was how do we start our day? For everyone who has difficulties in welcoming a new day, we will present a set of positive and effective tips to make your day better. With practice, these tips will become an integral part of your daily routine, which you cannot do without any of them, and you will always search for more for the better.


Plan your day from the night before

Planning helps you start your day in a more organized and more efficient way, and you will have a list of your duties for the day, the clothes you will wear and even your breakfast in the morning, and this will make you feel more relaxed and able to control the events and details of your day, and most importantly, you will have more time in the morning.


Set your alarm 15 minutes earlier than you normally wake up


First, buy yourself an alarm clock that looks beautiful and sounds pleasant to you, as the sharp and loud sound in the morning makes you shocked and confused, set the alarm 15 minutes early than your appointment, and so when the alarm rings, you will not have to jump out of bed to accomplish your tasks, but rather you will have a while Take the time to wake up gradually, lie in bed and think positively about what you want to accomplish in the day, and so you will rise feeling happy.


Stay away from social media

Some people, when they wake up, immediately go to check their accounts on social networking sites, but this negatively affects them, their mental abilities, and their general mood during the day. It is possible to turn on the radio and listen to it, especially morning programs full of good songs, or enjoy some quiet music because it gives you a feeling of calm at the beginning of the morning.


Start your day actively

morning routine

When you wake up in the morning, you have to move your body gradually and simply to increase the flexibility of the joints, by lengthening your spine and extending your arms and legs one after the other, then stand up slowly and inhale the air as you stretch your arms forward, then exhale while sitting.

And you have to practice walking early in the morning or do some light morning exercises that will stimulate blood circulation and provide you with positive energy throughout the day and inspire pleasure and confidence in yourself.



cold water

Taking a cold shower is a tried-and-true way to start the day, and for those who want to get a bigger effect, they can try switching between warm and cold water, starting with the extremities and then the rest of the body. And the German doctor adds, “Start with the hands and feet, then move to the middle of the body,” and the alternation between the two water temperatures stimulates blood circulation.



Drinking water is one of the most successful ways to restore the body’s balance after a long night’s deprivation, and eat a healthy breakfast to get both physical and mental balance. So, be sure to eat some pieces of fruits or whole grains such as oats, and the natural juice is enough to supply you with energy for the whole day without feeling tired and exhausted, and do not forget to take caffeine, because without a cup of coffee the day does not start for some, so the smell and aroma of coffee is associated with the morning, activity and focus to start a new day, but with no excessive and excessive drinking.


Start your day with positivity

such as thinking about what is beautiful and expecting beautiful and pleasant things to happen. Start with optimism from yourself and within you, and you will find the world obedient to your hands smiling, and stay away from negative thoughts that would shade your day with blackness. is positive.


Finally, the strength of morning rituals resides in their ability to set the tone for success and well-being. Incorporating deliberate practices into your morning routine can help you develop a good mentality, increase productivity, and improve your general well-being. do up early, hydrate and nourish your body, practice mindfulness, and do some exercise. Set goals, priorities tasks, and avoid distractions. Keep a gratitude notebook and pick up a new pastime to express your thankfulness. The goal is to stick to your schedule and make it a non-negotiable element of your everyday life. By beginning your day off appropriately, you lay the groundwork for a successful, meaningful, and balanced existence.

If you want to change your life, the best way to do it is to start by changing your morning routine instead of your usual morning routine. It may seem difficult, but changing the smallest detail in your morning routine can affect your entire life.

Use your breakfast time wisely. Instead of spending your time browsing a social networking site while eating, accustom yourself to reading a daily newspaper, or reading a chapter from a favorite book. You also have the opportunity to browse news sites, as they will provide a morning meal. For the most important news that you should know before going to work, such as the weather, road news, etc… And of course, there will be an entertaining part in the newspaper that you can read to make yourself refreshed before work.



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