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The Power of Volunteering: Best 10 Ways for Making a Difference in Your Community


Volunteer work, in its general sense, means providing a service to individuals or society for free, and it has several forms, including: charitable work, participation in community initiatives, or helping others with simple services that leave a deep impact on their souls, and many other forms.

Regardless of the way in which the individual expresses his desire to help others, volunteer work in all its forms has many benefits for the individual and society.

Some people may be unaware of this matter, and they think that it is only free contributions and aid that are given to others without getting anything in return, but if you, dear reader, look closely at the importance of volunteering, you will find that it carries many benefits for the initiating individuals and their society.

Here are 10 of the top benefits of volunteering:


This is done by introducing the person himself to society by participating in volunteer work and community initiatives. Volunteer work is a means that gives the individual an opportunity to get acquainted with the different segments of society and to get involved in society, so the person builds his entity and his social position in his society, and proves his presence as an active person while participating in volunteer work, which leads to his feeling of belonging and responsibility towards his society and that it is necessary to benefit his society in order to leave his positive impact by giving him.

Enhancing self-confidence


Volunteering is one of the ways that helps an individual to enhance his self-confidence. When he contributes to building and developing his community, he feels proud of that because he leaves his own mark by doing volunteer work, whether it is active participation in it, or by contributing thoughts and recommendations that will help society evolve. Thus, when his idea is adopted for implementation, he will realize his importance and role in society, which enhances his self-confidence.

Enhancing and strengthening networking skills

Volunteering helps an individual’s networking skills and social interactions by allowing him to work with others. These relationships lead him to develop himself and learn new skills when he exchanges his ideas with his peers and fellow volunteers, and finds some of them who share his interests, and thus they exchange expertise and experience among themselves.

The importance of these relationships lies in expanding the individual’s career options in the future, as they give the person sufficient experience that qualifies him to obtain his future job, by benefiting from the ideas and skills of others who participate in volunteer work, developing and developing them to serve his field of interest or specialization.

Develop leadership skills


Volunteer work makes the individual a leadership personality, and this is one of the most important qualities that an individual needs to influence others and win their hearts, as he acquires that leadership personality through his various roles in volunteer work, and he develops a sense of responsibility and gradually acquires leadership qualities that qualify him in the future to create volunteer initiatives individually.

With the passage of time, the individual begins to employ his skills in order to develop society, and this stems from his own desire, which develops his leadership skills.

Getting rid of depression and negative feelings

One of the most important ways to get rid of depression and negative feelings is to participate in volunteer work, through which a person gets to know positive and motivating people and takes from them positive energy that promotes creativity.

Not only that, volunteer work gives the individual an opportunity to change his surroundings and the environment in which he lives and discover other worlds, and this increases his productivity and develops his creative thinking as well as its positive impact on his inner, spiritual and psychological peace through the positive atmosphere and familiarity that prevails between people during their participation in volunteer work in their community.

An opportunity to give up negative habits

Volunteer work in all its forms is considered one of the most important positive habits that an individual may add to his daily life to quit negative habits such as smoking. With whom he shares common characteristics, he spends a large part of his day with them, so the person emulates the good habits of the individuals who share volunteer work with him, which enhances the feeling of changing himself for the better and quitting his negative habit such as smoking, wasting time in video games, or other unhealthy habits.

A means of reconstruction and happiness of others

One of the reasons that make a person successful in his life is to provide assistance to people without charge, so volunteering is a way to gain the pleasure of God Almighty because that work is part of the actions by which a person draws closer to God through the reconstruction and building of his society and providing a helping hand and assistance to others even with the simplest capabilities that own it. This leaves a great impact on their souls when it brings them joy and forces their thoughts, and this is reflected in the volunteer with success and facilitation in his life.

Increasing the individual’s experience and enriching his experiences

Participation in volunteer work is the way that helps the individual achieve his future goals, through the experiences and expertise that he employs in planning his goals, as the successful people in this day are the ones who started their lives by providing their services for free in order to obtain sufficient experience that later brought them to what they are. Now who excels. It was their starting point from volunteer work, so it is one of the keys that helps the individual to reach his goals, and most of the workers in official jobs were initially volunteers, but they proved themselves well and obtained a permanent work contract in their jobs.

Enhancing the CV of the individual

If you are seeking a scholarship to complete your studies abroad, you know very well the role of extracurricular activities in increasing your chances of acceptance. Most study opportunities abroad require experience, leadership skills, and the ability to influence societies, as the focus is on these aspects more than the academic level.

Therefore, participating in local and international volunteer work is your chance to enhance your CV and thus obtain better educational or job opportunities.

Feeling happy and satisfied

One of the reasons for feeling happy during the day is to benefit the person around him with the skills he possesses, and volunteering is one way to do that.

If you are looking for a permanent feeling of happiness and contentment, then helping others and offering help to them free of charge is the solution to that. This is exactly what volunteering provides you with.


In short, we find that volunteer work is an incubating environment that helps a person develop himself and gain new experiences that contribute to achieving his goals on the one hand, and leaving a positive impact on society on the other hand. Therefore, the individual must be certain that he will reap the fruits of what he sowed during his participation in volunteer work and charitable work, and that his fatigue will not go unheeded.


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